Benita Wrenn-Davis (Be) originally studied Theatre and Dance at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and produced and directed her first music video in the Spring of 1986. Later returning to complete her degree after studying Film and Television under the tutelage of Dr. Jean Bodon and Carey Goin. Be also trained as writer and critic with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Journalism & Advocacy and was one of the founding Chairpersons of the UAB Film Club. Be is a native of Hueytown, Alabama. At two years old, Be’s mother died from a heart attack and Be was then raised by her widowed, elderly father. Turning to the arts, Be went on to act in lead roles, traditionally held by non-black actresses for community and County theater productions, including: (Glinda/The Wizard of Oz, The Little Match Girl/The Little Match Girl, and Anita/Westside Story), for which she received lead actress awards. Be has edited, directed and produced narrative dramas, comedies and documentaries for film festivals like Sidewalk and Red Bull Writer’s Block, to national programming like B.E.T. Filmmaker’s Challenge and HBO’s Project Greenlight, and she worked on one of the first television reality shows for Warner Brothers Television. Be’s creative flexibility has taken her from the local television newsroom of ...